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Katie Dwyer

Custom Song

Custom Song

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There are so many reasons that someone may need a custom song!  They are incredible gifts, especially for the people in your life who you love dearly but are so hard to shop for!

  • Birthday presents
  • Anniversaries
  • Mother's Day / Father's Day
  • Celebration of life services
  • Christmas gifts
  • Graduation

Sometimes it can be hard to fully express how much someone means to you.  I want to help you by transforming your thoughts and memories into lyrics and putting your story into song form.

How does this work?

You will purchase a custom song, then you will receive an email containing a link to a form.  This form will ask you various questions about how you want your song to go, what emotion you want your song to evoke, and details about your relationship and backstory so I can try to include as many of your favorite memories as possible.  The more information you give me to work with, the better your song will be. :)

If you choose the option "Song + Slide Show" you will be asked to send me 20 to 40 photos, and I will create a slide show, where those photos are put to your custom music as a video.

How long does it take you to make a custom song?

All songs will get a minimum of two verses and two choruses.  Some songs will have a pre-chorus, but not all. Some songs will have a bridge, but not all. After lyrics are written, I start mapping out the song on my recording software, figuring out the BPM that feels best, deciding on the main instrumentation, and starting the recording process.  After the instruments are recorded, I record vocals and harmonies or backing vocals, if necessary.  Then I do any finishing touches, mixing, and mastering necessary to bring the song to its highest quality.  I usually ask for 5 days to ensure I can get everything done, and 7 days if choosing the song + slide show option.

Disclaimer:  You are purchasing a surprise. If asked to change your song after it's been delivered, musically, lyrically, or otherwise, I may ask for a small additional payment for the extra time and effort that will go into making those revisions for you.

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