Intro to Music Production

In this workshop, participants learn what music production consists of, common terms when discussing production, and are introduced to a simple DAW. They then learn how to create their own audio and midi tracks and start building a song.

Within 90 minutes, I can have any student creating music!

Songwriting: How to Write Lyrics

In this workshop, we focus on learning how songs can be structured, how to get song ideas, and two specific methods that can be used to organize thoughts around a potential topic. Students practice one or both organization methods, then transform their ideas into rhyming lines, using their new knowledge of song structure as a guide.

Beginner Ukulele

This class is best suited for people over 7 years old who have little or no experience playing ukulele. I teach students about their instrument's anatomy, how to hold it properly, and basic strumming technique. We learn the difference between notes and chords, and then we strum chords together.

By the end of this class, students understand how to read chord charts and look up their favorite songs, so they can continue their ukulele playing journey on their own if they choose.

Intermediate Ukulele Classes Also Available

Creative Entrepreneurship

As I mention in my About page, it is a big goal of mine to be a living example that it's possible to make a living as an artist, doing what you love. In this workshop, I talk about my journey as a sole proprietor in the arts. We then discuss ways in which anyone can turn their passion into a source of income, and potentially a full time career, through creative decision making and skill stacking. Although this workshop is the least interactive of the four that are currently offered, it can be an enlightening experience for participants.


Thank you for your interest.

Please know that in most cases, I am able to teach these workshops in person or remotely.  I am also willing to travel. If you are curious about whether your business or organization can qualify for a grant to assist you with funding, contact me as I may be able to pass along relevant grant information. 

If you are interested in scheduling one (or any combination) of these workshops, please use the contact form below to find out more about my current availability and pricing.

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