Katie Dwyer Lost Time Merchandise Shirt CD

Work hard, work happy!

It's taken a lot of time and effort to make my upcoming album. Some of the songs were written this year, and others more than a decade ago. Some of the recordings used in these productions are also from about 10 years ago - lost files that I never thought would be recovered.

Each of the fourteen songs on my album, Lost Time, is special and very meaningful to me, even if I can't relate to them in the same way I used to. They almost feel like diary entries being sung for the world to hear.

And the ART.
Damn, I love this album art, which is why I put it on the cover AND shirts AND tote bags. It's a custom design made by Karen Rohlin. I told her I wanted my reoccurring themes of time and direction to be represented in the album art by incorporating a clock or compass. She killed it.

Featured on the SD Touring Artist Roster

Thanks to the South Dakota Arts Council, non-profit and government organizations of South Dakota can hire me for live performances, songwriting workshops, and more for half my normal rate. Contact me to learn more about the variety of live events I have to offer as a speaker, performer, and educator, and how you can get half off.