A lifelong singer-songwriter and performer, it was more than a decade before I finally committed to learning music production in 2019, so I could start releasing my own material from my home studio in South Dakota without the help of expensive recording studios or record labels. In addition to writing and producing my "Katie Dwyer" projects, I am half of the band Moon & Sea, I livestream on my Twitch channel, host a local Songwriter Showcase event annually, I'm Vice President of the Short Grass Arts Council, an assistant for The Anthem Project podcast, and I frequently work with other artists.

From a young age I concluded that music was a hobby, not a job. It took me a long time to unlearn that, and I'm finally doing what it feels like I am meant to do.


Press, Podcasts, & more:

Throughout my time spent working as a songwriter and music producer, I have learned some things about myself. I love the accountability of working with, or for, fellow independent artists. I love the feeling of bringing someone's dream to life. Please contact me if you'd like a quote for your project.  Be specific about the number of songs, whether you need production, mixing, or both, whether you'd like me to add any vocals or instrumentation to your work, and the amount of time you have before it is released.