• On Friday, October 13th, 2023, Katie Dwyer's first full-length album will be released. The album, Lost Time, will be available for digital download on online stores and streaming platforms, including the artist's website, katiedwyer.com. Created over the span of about 10 years, the songs have a surprising consistency in both musical composition and lyrical themes.

    Two of Dwyer's reoccurring lyrical themes are time and direction, which are strongly depicted in the cover art. After explaining these lyrical themes and recommending that a clock or compass could be a good representation of these topics, artist (and longtime friend), Karen Rohlin, came up with the perfect custom design for the cover of Lost Time.

    The album name stems from the fact that Dwyer originally started preparing for an album release over nine years ago. The files from those 2013 and 2014 recordings were lost. Fortunately, many years later, a few of the original files were recovered, and they will finally be released in this collection.

    Now, after losing her mother in late August of 2023, many of the songs, and even the album's title, will forever have a double meaning to Dwyer.

  • As shown on the back cover, the album has a total of fourteen original songs.

  • Feel Something

    This is the most recent song featured on the album, written in February of this year. The nonsensical storytelling of the verses (that AI could never write) are tied together by the sweet chorus, drenched in lush, harmonizing backing vocals.

  • Nothing You Can Do

    Written not long after the pandemic began, this reflective song may take you back to that time. The dark verses, accentuated by minor chords of the organ, feel slightly balanced out by the lighter chorus, which encourages acceptance.

  • Fairy Dust

    The only co-written song on the album is Fairy Dust. With the beautiful voice of Sunflower Summit starting the first verse, this song stands out from the rest. This is a sweet and hopeful song about two friends who lift each other up.

  • Running

    With its electronic elements and upbeat tempo, this song sticks out as the happiest sounding track of the album. Containing the lyrics, "What's a compass good for if I don't know where I'm going," Running has a strong connection to the album's cover art.

  • Katie Dwyer Lost Time Merchandise Shirt CD

    Physical copies of the album will be available on CD. The album art design is now featured on shirts and canvas bags. Merch packages and individual items can be bought online in Katie's merch shop.

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