September 14th, 2023

As if I didn't have enough going on right now, I have had strep throat all week. I think I'm out of the contagious phase, but it's been a frustrating week of vocal rest while wishing I was practicing!

I also have felt like I couldn't really talk about being sick because I have a performance tomorrow that means a lot to me (something I agreed to do more than two months ago), and I absolutely HATE the idea of breaking an agreement. I've never broken a signed agreement and it takes A LOT to take my voice out. While uncomfortable, I can definitely still sing, so, the show must go on!

I'm opening for Rowan Grace at Riggs Theater.
I'm typically not nervous about playing, even when I know it'll be a large crowd, but this show is a little different. Not only is it in a theater, where people will be seated in the dark with their individual chairs pointed toward me, basically forced into a listening environment (as opposed to bars and restaurants where lots of room noise is acceptable), but it's also a space where I don't know how receptive the audience will be to an artist type of singer.

I'm a self-producing indie artist who uses lots of methods to express myself (including these emails). I don't know Rowan, but I do know that she is famous now because she was on the show, The Voice, which is a competitive singing show. So, I imagine that her fans are less interested in the art of storytelling through lyrics in an emotive style, and more excited about the idea of singing competitively - high notes, powerful belting, fancy vocal runs, covering or impersonating famous artists well, you know - that stuff.

I hope my indie artist songs and streppy voice will be enough to please everyone. Or rather, to please the people who are attending to hear me and any new people who are open to my style (because lets face it, trying to please everyone is a losing battle).

& who knows! Maybe between her and I, everyone there will will find some part of the show enjoyable.

Anyway, getting to the main point of the email finally 😂
I do plan on bringing my new merch to this show.

So if you want a specific size shirt, order before my show tomorrow night so I can set it aside for you and NOT sell out of your size. My code LOSTTIME is still active (put the Lost Time CD in your cart and after hitting "checkout" and entering LOSTTIME as a promo code, anything else in your cart will be 15% off).

Katie Dwyer Merch

I'll be sure to take inventory after the show and update my website the next morning with a new count of whatever I sell. And the code won't be announced on social media until next week.

& if you're local to central South Dakota, I'd love to see you, and tickets can be bought here. Know that I will likely keep my distance and wear a mask after my performance though, because I really don't want to be giving anyone strep. I have these tiny mic covers (like covid masks for performance microphones), so I'll use one to protect the other performers, and maybe also ask if they are okay switching mics out in between our sets.

Lastly, if you ordered already, I see you!! 🥰

Thank you so much; your merch has been set aside! You will get an email regarding shipping as soon as I'm able to send the packages out (likely Monday).

With love,

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