September 11th, 2023

Wow. Sometimes things just seem to fall into place.

...and then I remember that, no, nothing really magically fell into place. I waited a long time and worked really hard in order for all these things to "fall into place" now. Still, it feels like another example of how time can feel so weird.

Sometimes it seems like its dragging on, or there's not enough of it, other times the years have somehow flown past.

I'm also reminded of a quote,
"The harder I work, the luckier I get."

I'm realizing how vague I'm being... You're probably thinking "What the heck is this email about??"

My merch for my new album is here early.
I got the shirts and they're AMAZING and soft and lightweight and the gold ink shimmers just a little bit (not glittery, i promise).

& the canvas tote bags are even more "jumbo" than I had anticipated (see below). I plan on keeping a black one and cream one for myself as the perfect "gig bags" to carry my cables, mics, etc. to venues. I also received the physical copies of the CDs a few days ago.

So all I'm waiting on now are my shipping materials.

I'm trying to get low cost shipping materials and the lowest price reliable shipping that I can find so that I can pass on those savings to you and make it accessible to everyone. I really hope that no matter where you are in the world, if you want some of the new merch from me, you'll be able to get it.

Which leads me to another factor in pricing and stuff - I never did a Kickstarter. Or an indiegogo or any other type of crowd funding for this album. I just worked my buns off as an audiobook narrator and vocal tuner and custom song maker so that I could fund my own album. That just ... felt better to me. I have supported several friends' kickstarters, so definitely nothing against crowd funding!

So anyway, I dug into my own pockets to make this album release (and amazing merch with custom designs) happen, and I super hope that I will see a return on it all.

With that said, I'm still giving you a discount. 😂 Only you, the beautiful human being who read this long email all the way through.

The code is: LOSTTIME

When you put the Lost Time CD in your cart and use the code LOSTTIME, any other items in your cart (including the new totes and shirts) will be 15% off.

The first ten people to order will also get a unique polaroid (either of me or taken by me), which I will slip into the CD case.

Although I have plenty of CDs on hand, please, if you want a shirt, I recommend claiming your size and placing the order asap because I do not know what size you all are, so I just did my best when ordering and got a few in each size (from XS to 2XL). I plan to advertise to people outside of my email list soon, but as promised, you all get first dibs!

Merch Store

So yeah. There's the button to my merch store, and like I said, all I'm waiting for now are my shipping supplies, which will come later this week, so I could be mailing things out as soon as Monday morning.

Thanks, my loves. 🥰

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